Mountain bike Flat Tire tips

Watch out for that cactus.

All right trail riders and adventurists, image cruising down your favorite trail, your deep in the trail, enjoying all the technical aspects of your ride, all of a sudden, FLAT TIRE, if you not prepared for this situation, be prepared to walk your bike all the way back to your car, then what? do you have another inner tube? How about a flat tire repair kit, or an air pump, if not then you going home and doing about 15 minutes of work, plus the trip home? some trails are remote and a trip home could be a trip to the local bike store and spend a bit of money. Let’s avoid all that by doing what I learned the hard way, carry 2 spare tubes, a flat tire repair kit, and a hand-held air pump, they may add just a bit of weight, but that weight is worth its weight in gold when you out on a remote technical bike trail, if you can’t fix a flat in less than 15 minutes you have not made mountain biker status yet, keep working at it, it’s worth your while to learn how to fix a flat quickly. Sometimes it’s not enough to have just one tube, they are small and compact, I always carry two and some “slime” repair this will get you out of the woods quickly by sealing the holes with some type of glue for you to get back to your car., I don’t recommend using that inner after you get out of the woods, but it’s a quick way out of that situation.