Basic Military Training Metal

   Air Force Training Metal

Military service, U. S. Air Force Patrick A.F.B., Florida Communications Specialist 01/1985 – 08/1989
Member of elite communication combat crew team (Q.R.P. Quick Reaction Package elite communication team) member of special operations teams.
Responsible for immediate installation of airborne, satellite and ATC communications as well as airborne radio
Operations, Morse code (send/receive 13 GPM), HF/SHF/VHF/UHF/ communications, antenna/dish assemble, satellite operations encryption and telecommunications installations and operations. Highlights – 3rd best time for Confidence course. Expert Marksman long barrel, Small arm expert handguns, Sgt. Rank completed in 3-year time frame Non-commissioned Officer Prep-school graduate. The 2nd Mob is active-duty servicemen in the 750-person Second Combat Communications Group The unit, nicknamed the ”Second Mob,” contains three squadrons trained in desert survival, chemical warfare and mobile communications.